Best of Mungo Homes (Video)

After 13 years of doing our part to help Mungo Homes grow into one of the nation’s top homebuilders, there are 3 zillion portfolio samples we could show you. So, to keep this under that amount, we’re just going to show you some of the video projects from the past 5 years. We are proud of the role we have played in Mungo’s success, but we have to be honest–it’s so much easier to do great work when you’re doing that work for a great company like Mungo.

CLICK HERE to read about the Genesis/Mungo story and see a sampling of print/design materials.


You know the old production warning: “Don’t work with kids or animals.” Well, we did BOTH! This commercial was one of three produced featuring not only a toddler, but heavily dependent on a trained dog named Jinks being able to deliver the performance we needed. As you can see, both Jinks and the toddler knocked it out of the park! We love challenges, but when you surround yourself with the right talent, the challenges become far less challenging.


This commercial was the second in a series of 3 featuring a toddler (JP) and an awesome dog named Jinks. Jinks narrates the spots as he enjoys the new living arrangements with his family–giving his solid seal of approval.

“A Million Moments”

This commercial was one of two commercials produced to commemorate Mungo’s 60th year of building homes in the Midlands of S.C.  After 60 years and thousands of homes, Mungo homes have truly been a part of a million memories for families across S.C.–and now in N.C., Alabama, and Georgia too.

“America’s Best Builder – Family”

This commercial was part of a series of 4 spots produced to promote Mungo’s designation as America’s Best Builder. The highly distinguished award considers numerous factors of quality, service, and innovation. The commercials featured actual Mungo customers and Mungo staff extolling the virtues of working for such a great family-owned company.

“America’s Best Builder – hauSmart”

One of 4 commercials promoting Mungo’s designation as America’s Best Builder. This spot highlights Mungo’s award-winning hauSmart standard of innovation and energy efficiency that contributed to the national recognition.


Mungo Homes President Stephen Mungo takes viewers on a tour through the website. This memorable spot places Stephen Mungo directly inside the website itself, interacting with on-screen elements in 3D and required extensive greenscreen work, motion tracking, and 3D animation.


One of a series of 3 commercials highlighting Mungo’s history, awards, and branded elements of “Quality, Value, and Stability.” This stylized production required extensive b-roll of Mungo products and customers, motion graphics, and 3D animation as it took viewers on a “linear” tour of the value inherent in every Mungo home.

“Mungo Mobile Sales Center”

As part of Genesis’ full-service relationship with Mungo Homes, trailer and vehicle wraps are regular occurrences. This particular project was part of a highly customized mobile “office” for customer service. Working in conjunction with Sun Solutions for printing and installation, Genesis designed the wrap and documented the installation to demonstrate the full-service nature we provide under one roof at Genesis Studios.