The New Southern Hot Spot at the State Museum

A new exhibit at the State Museum was a perfect match and a perfect opportunity for the creative talents of Genesis Studios and its partners.

When the State Museum underwent major renovations, Columbia Visitors Bureau seized upon the opportunity to promote Columbia’s “Famously Hot” tourism branding in some newly available space. The project would require a cross-section of skills and partnerships–including spatial previsualization, spatial design, 3D conceptualization, graphic design, large format printing, and an interactive kiosk.

Fortunately, this was right up our alley!  Working in conjunction with long-time partner Sun Solutions Printing and with Genesis Studios’ own Indesign Firm, we had all the bases covered.

Right off the bat, this was going to require some imagination.

Because the 100+-year-old State Museum was in mid-renovation, the available space was incomplete (to put it nicely). Measurements and photographs were taken to at least get the ball rolling. We used Blender to turn those measurements into a 3D model to help establish viewing angles and design opportunities. And then we went to work.

Sketches. Computer design. Experimentation.

While Genesis developed the spatial plan, Indesign developed the kiosk. The 2D designs were translated into the 3D model and the room began to take shape. With approval from CVB, it was time to make it all happen! Sun Solutions transformed the blank, empty walls into a dynamic promotional space for the new southern hot spot.


Voila! The Columbia Visitors Bureau “Famously Hot” new southern hot spot exhibit.  A prime example of the many talents under the roof at Genesis Studios coming together to add yet another feather in our cap.

Watch how it all came together below.