CLIENT: Oliver Gospel Mission
SUBJECT: Toby’s Place
DESCRIPTION: Fundraising materials (video and accompanying booklet) for a new Women & Children Shelter. 


For nearly 130 years, the Oliver Gospel Mission provided life rehabilitation services to the broken and the homeless, but these services were for men only. OGM now felt a calling to provide the same caliber of services to women and their children. They needed tools to help them raise the necessary funds to bring this mission to fruition.


OGM would be presenting the vision for this new mission in select groups and venues via video, but also needed accompanying print materials to present the vision in greater detail. Genesis proposed a printed booklet and a video featuring vignettes of the difficult lives faced by the women who the shelter would serve.


The video is uncomfortable to watch in places as it presents the vignettes (as it was designed to do). We produced the video featuring many volunteer actors and actresses who embraced the worthy cause that the fundraising would support. Written by Cliff Springs and directed by Shae Winston, the video proved to be a powerful fundraising tool. The mission raised all of the needed funds.


“The video is so powerful and immediately connected our potential supporters to the heart of the new mission. The booklet was a perfect complement to the video. We met our fundraising goal, and today the vision of Toby’s Place is a reality.”

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