Faith’s Song Premieres

Genesis Studios takes part in a Columbia-born faith-based feature film.

When Northface Films first approached Genesis Studios about an independent, faith-based film, we were eager to help out any way we could. Producer/Director Frank Hutto was determined to use his $156,000 budget wisely to deliver a technically sound film that gave the impression of a bigger budgeted project.

Faith’s Song tells the story of a high school girl whose family is tragically killed and finds her life turned upside down. Former University of South Carolina football star Marcus Lattimore makes a poignant cameo.

Once the shooting was complete, Genesis was called upon to edit the promotional trailer and the finished film.  A one-day screening was premiered for crew, family, and friends on October 29th. The powerful message was heard loud and clear, and Hutto hopes the film resonates with any viewer who can appreciate a story about overcoming life’s challenges.

Faith’s Song is evaluating several distribution offers, and should be available for wider release soon. Please visit for more information or view the trailer above.