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“Spark Your Imagination”

CLIENT: EdVenture Children’s Museum
DESCRIPTION: Promote visitors to one of the top children’s museums in the southeast.


EeVenture Children’s Museum provides children an amazing opportunity to stimulate their minds and imaginations. Marketing Director Wayne Thornley developed the concept featuring a flying, colorful spark that sailed throughout the museum, and approached Genesis to bring the idea to life.


Budget limitations meant an open casting call for children as extras–a total of 80 parents and children would answer the call! With a well-coordinated plan to entertain, wrangle, and feed the massive quantity of kids, we were able to focus on the selected child actors and the challenge of capturing video plates to be used with heavy visual effects to be added in post.


To this day, this project remains as the titleholder for us for “most rotoscoping ever”. The result was an elaborate adventure that exceeded the limits of its budget to wow and entertain prospective visitors to the museum. It also garnered a Silver Addy Award for the campaign.


“The task was daunting–especially for the budget–but the team at Genesis are masters of efficiency and preparation. The idea that we pulled this off in one day with over 80 extras is a testament to the hard work Team Genesis put into pulling this off. We were thrilled with the final result!”

Behind the Scenes

One long day, 82 kids, free pizza, and lots and lots of rotoscoping!

Yes, we had a plan. But 82 kids don’t always like plans. Nevertheless, the shoot was smooth sailing, continuing Genesis’ tradition of defying the production axiom “never work with children or animals”. The real work came in post with nearly 800 frames of complex rotoscoping. As always, Genesis was up to the challenge, and brought EdVenture Marketing Director Wayne Thornley’s fantastical vision to life. A Silver Addy Award and increased visitation across the board confirmed the project was a success!

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None of the 82 children were harmed (or strangled) during this production. Isn’t that reason enough to work with Genesis?!

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