“Don’t Miss Life’s Greatest Moments”

CLIENT: Center for Colon Cancer Research (USC)
DESCRIPTION: Promote early screening for colon cancer


Colon cancer is the 3# cause of cancer deaths, yet it is easily the most treatable and preventable when caught early. The objective was to develop a series of public service announcements to increase public awareness about the need for early screening.


Missing out on some of life’s greatest moments due to colon cancer is not a trade most people are willing to make. By emphasizing these moments that could be missed, we wanted to connect to viewers on an emotional, sentimental, and practical level to encourage early screening.


We developed and produced three PSAs demonstrating special life moments that could be missed due to colon cancer. We opted for very common situations that most people can easily relate to: a long marriage (anniversary), the birth of a grandchild, and a wedding–moments that no one would want to miss if given the choice. The choice, of course, is early screening.


“The campaign was enormously well-received. In conjunction with our print and digital campaign, these commercials really drove the point home about the importance of early screening.”

Behind the Scenes

Three venues, three stories, lots of extras, and good food too!

As we often do, we presented the opportunity to economize the budget for CCCR and produce three spots in coordinated fashion to maximize efficiency and control costs. The three story lines required three venues (a kids’ store, an anniversary party venue, and a church wedding).

As you might imagine, only the kids’ store came “ready to go”. The wedding required many of the usual aesthetics: tuxedos, wedding dress, piano player, candelabras, flower petals, bouquets, and a decorated “just married” car.

The anniversary party required a room full of guests, place settings, musicians, centerpieces, presents, and of course: a buffet of food–which doubled as craft services catering for the production!  And it’s always a pleasure working with talented, professional actors–including the senior real-life couple who played our anniversary sweethearts .

Brett Flashnick of Flashnick Visuals captured photography for the print and digital portion of the campaign simultaneous to the videography.

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