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The Trunk Ep 3 – Two Seconds

The Trunk: “Two Seconds”

The single gunshot he heard was not his own.

Gambling. Embezzlement. Fraud. A string of bad decisions have brought Bill to the breaking point–standing alone deep within a remote forest, ready to end it all. But the single gunshot that rings out is not his own.

He is not alone.

As the only witness to a grisly murder, does Bill follow through with ending his life? Or risk having to pay for his own crimes to report what he’s seen? What happens next is a back-and-forth psychological battle to determine who will make it out alive.  Featuring Emmy winner Bill Oberst, Jr.

Watch more episodes at thetrunkseries.com or on our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUM5eTXkf_OEu2GPgP2Jyow

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Animation Reel 2018

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Mungo Homes

From Unranked to America’s Best Builder

When Genesis began working with Mungo Homes in 2004, they were a regional builder in SC. Now, they’re in NC, GA, and AL, ranked #32 in the nation, and have been named America’s Best Builder!

In 2004, Genesis Studios was given the opportunity to work with Mungo Homes.  Founded in 1954, 2004 was Mungo’s 50th anniversary, and they wanted to do something to commemorate their longevity.

For most of those 50 years, Mungo was a well-known entity in the midlands—but with decidedly varying public opinions. Their track record consisted of forward-thinking development in less-populated locations that helped to reshape the midlands of South Carolina, but some negative perceptions of past missteps lingered—even though the issues of concern had long since been corrected. Their marketing up to this point suffered similarly.  There was no consistent brand identity, imagery, or message.  Every development, every ad seemed to be an independent, “from-scratch” marketing effort.

Genesis proposed a multi-pronged approach to defining and improving their brand identity. The focus would be first and foremost on Mungo, their longevity, and their impact on the midlands.  Fonts, styles, colors, and message would be unified across all media for consistency.  That media would ultimately include billboards, web elements, television, radio, print ads, vehicle wraps, logo design, folders, direct mail, POP displays, web videos, and virtually every touch point between Mungo and the community.

Whatever success Mungo had experienced to that point had come without any real emphasis on branding—it just wasn’t considered to be a necessary staple within the homebuilding industry. But we persisted, and Mungo gave us the green light.

Now we’re not about to take all the credit for what we’re about to tell you, but for 50 years, Mungo’s reputation floundered and their growth—though steady—was limited.  In the 13 years we’ve been working with them, Mungo has risen from a regional family business (not listed among the national top 200) to the #32 builder in the nation.  Today, they’re all over South Carolina and are now in North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama as well.

There’s no mistaking the Mungo brand.  We smile smugly every time we see another homebuilder who has shamelessly copied our billboards. From logo design, branding, photography, graphic design, animation, product launches, vehicle wraps, radio and TV commercial production, long-form videos, message strategy, and just about anything else you can think of.

Working closely with Mungo’s internal Marketing Director, Kim O’Quinn, has been an essential ingredient to our mutual marketing success.

During this time, Mungo has also won numerous Regal awards, Best of Columbia several years running, Builder of Integrity Award, and also the NHQ Award—a national homebuilding honor and a distinction that no other South Carolina builder has ever received. But perhaps the highest recognition of all came in 2012 when Mungo received the homebuilding industry’s highest honor: America’s Best Builder 2012–for overall excellence in quality of construction, service, and operations.

Obviously, we are pleased to be a part of such an incredible success story.

The Mungo campaign is an ongoing, evolving effort that is continually reevaluated and analyzed for effectiveness, but its core message and branding are consistent and strong. As a result, our partnership with Mungo has yielded extraordinary results that prove the value of strategic, consistent, communication.

Issues / Political



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As with any client, we serve our political / issue / and public relations customers with the full scope of our talents and timely production. We work directly with some candidates/organizations and also through consultants hired by the campaigns. We understand the sensitive nature of political advertising and the urgency associated with it.


Over the past 15 years, no company in SC has produced more issue/political commercials than Genesis Studios. Our mission with political content is to tread lightly and serve our clients with the full scope of our talents with the timeliness required for modern political marketing.

If you would like to see more of our political work samples, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Allied Air – HVACPro2Go


CLIENT: Allied Air Enterprises
DESCRIPTION: Introduce new industry app for HVAC dealers


HVAC manufacturer Allied Air Enterprises developed an app to assist individual HVAC dealers with pricing, proposals, and installation. Allied Air–a recurring partner of Genesis Studios–wanted to produce two videos to help launch the app. Each video would target a different critical aspect of the product.


After learning the ins and outs of the new app, Genesis collaborated with Project Marketing Director, Becca Kingery, to determine the messaging most important to the target audience. Working through our strategic process, Genesis developed two concepts featuring a balance of critical information and visual razzle-dazzle to both entertain and educate.


The two videos feature distinct messages and styles. The first video features a homeowner navigating a labyrinth of HVAC options, hoping for clarity that an HVAC dealer with the app can provide. The second video is meant to convey to dealers the all-in-one nature of the app as it “absorbs” all of the tools it replaces. Both videos featured visual effects and animation to accomplish the objectives.


“The creative team at Genesis did an amazing job capturing the critical messages we needed to convey with the launch of this product. The videos were on-point, the development was thorough, and the production was fun, efficient, and superior quality.”

Behind the Scenes

Our commitment to quality and meeting our clients’ needs keeps valuable clients like Allied Air coming back again and again to partner with Genesis.

The two videos required a combined four locations to capture all the necessary elements: two homes, an industry vendor, and Studio A on greenscreen at Genesis. Careful planning for location videography and well-designed visual effects ensured that the concept was fulfilled to its potential for another successful project and satisfied client.

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Columbia Visitors Bureau/State Museum


The New Southern Hot Spot at the State Museum

A new exhibit at the State Museum was a perfect match and a perfect opportunity for the creative talents of Genesis Studios and its partners.

When the State Museum underwent major renovations, Columbia Visitors Bureau seized upon the opportunity to promote Columbia’s “Famously Hot” tourism branding in some newly available space. The project would require a cross-section of skills and partnerships–including spatial previsualization, spatial design, 3D conceptualization, graphic design, large format printing, and an interactive kiosk.

Fortunately, this was right up our alley!  Working in conjunction with long-time partner Sun Solutions Printing and with Genesis Studios’ own Indesign Firm, we had all the bases covered.

Right off the bat, this was going to require some imagination.

Because the 100+-year-old State Museum was in mid-renovation, the available space was incomplete (to put it nicely). Measurements and photographs were taken to at least get the ball rolling. We used Blender to turn those measurements into a 3D model to help establish viewing angles and design opportunities. And then we went to work.

Sketches. Computer design. Experimentation.

While Genesis developed the spatial plan, Indesign developed the kiosk. The 2D designs were translated into the 3D model and the room began to take shape. With approval from CVB, it was time to make it all happen! Sun Solutions transformed the blank, empty walls into a dynamic promotional space for the new southern hot spot.


Voila! The Columbia Visitors Bureau “Famously Hot” new southern hot spot exhibit.  A prime example of the many talents under the roof at Genesis Studios coming together to add yet another feather in our cap.

Watch how it all came together below.

Oliver Gospel Mission Women’s Shelter

CLIENT: Oliver Gospel Mission
SUBJECT: Toby’s Place
DESCRIPTION: Fundraising materials (video and accompanying booklet) for a new Women & Children Shelter. 


For nearly 130 years, the Oliver Gospel Mission provided life rehabilitation services to the broken and the homeless, but these services were for men only. OGM now felt a calling to provide the same caliber of services to women and their children. They needed tools to help them raise the necessary funds to bring this mission to fruition.


OGM would be presenting the vision for this new mission in select groups and venues via video, but also needed accompanying print materials to present the vision in greater detail. Genesis proposed a printed booklet and a video featuring vignettes of the difficult lives faced by the women who the shelter would serve.


The video is uncomfortable to watch in places as it presents the vignettes (as it was designed to do). We produced the video featuring many volunteer actors and actresses who embraced the worthy cause that the fundraising would support. Written by Cliff Springs and directed by Shae Winston, the video proved to be a powerful fundraising tool. The mission raised all of the needed funds.


“The video is so powerful and immediately connected our potential supporters to the heart of the new mission. The booklet was a perfect complement to the video. We met our fundraising goal, and today the vision of Toby’s Place is a reality.”

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Logos, Branding, & Design


Logos, Branding, & Design

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Our design work includes just about every type of project you can name. When quality design meets sound strategy, the result is YOUR success. Doesn’t it just make sense to do it all under one roof?

After 25 years, we could show you countless examples and case studies. Instead, we’re just going to show you a cross-section of everything: brochures, posters, billboards, packaging, logos, branding, app design, trade shows, publications, etc. So the short answer as always is “Yes! We can do that!” And we’ve probably done it a hundred times (at least) before.

As with any project, our designers design to accomplish your objectives. We creative types love to create pretty things, but “pretty” will always be secondary to communication.

It’s great when art and communication are one in the same, but when they’re not, accomplishing your goals (communication) always takes priority.

Because we do this all under one roof, we can ensure that all of your media (print, web, video, etc.) will complement each other in style, feel, and purpose. There’s really no other way to say it: you won’t find the diversity of services, the cohesion of message, the quality of product, and the budget efficiency anywhere else.

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Center for Colon Cancer Research

“Don’t Miss Life’s Greatest Moments”

CLIENT: Center for Colon Cancer Research (USC)
DESCRIPTION: Promote early screening for colon cancer


Colon cancer is the 3# cause of cancer deaths, yet it is easily the most treatable and preventable when caught early. The objective was to develop a series of public service announcements to increase public awareness about the need for early screening.


Missing out on some of life’s greatest moments due to colon cancer is not a trade most people are willing to make. By emphasizing these moments that could be missed, we wanted to connect to viewers on an emotional, sentimental, and practical level to encourage early screening.


We developed and produced three PSAs demonstrating special life moments that could be missed due to colon cancer. We opted for very common situations that most people can easily relate to: a long marriage (anniversary), the birth of a grandchild, and a wedding–moments that no one would want to miss if given the choice. The choice, of course, is early screening.


“The campaign was enormously well-received. In conjunction with our print and digital campaign, these commercials really drove the point home about the importance of early screening.”

Behind the Scenes

Three venues, three stories, lots of extras, and good food too!

As we often do, we presented the opportunity to economize the budget for CCCR and produce three spots in coordinated fashion to maximize efficiency and control costs. The three story lines required three venues (a kids’ store, an anniversary party venue, and a church wedding).

As you might imagine, only the kids’ store came “ready to go”. The wedding required many of the usual aesthetics: tuxedos, wedding dress, piano player, candelabras, flower petals, bouquets, and a decorated “just married” car.

The anniversary party required a room full of guests, place settings, musicians, centerpieces, presents, and of course: a buffet of food–which doubled as craft services catering for the production!  And it’s always a pleasure working with talented, professional actors–including the senior real-life couple who played our anniversary sweethearts .

Brett Flashnick of Flashnick Visuals captured photography for the print and digital portion of the campaign simultaneous to the videography.

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