CLIENT: AJ Lanigan
DESCRIPTION: Immune-boosting supplement for young children.


AJ Lanigan, developer of the most effective form of the immune-boosting supplement Beta Glucan, created a new, easy-to-swallow gummi version of his product for young children. The challenge was to introduce the product to parents of small children as a way to help them develop strong immune systems and reduce common illnesses.


Use over-the-top scenarios featuring overprotective parents doing everything possible to protect their kids from germs and bacteria. The exhaustive nature of this kind of hyper-vigilant parenting provided a comical backdrop to demonstrate that BetaKids is a much easier alternative.


We produced to videos two be distributed via web and social media through BetaKids distributors. The first features a pair of overprotective parents and their young son. The second video takes it to another level when Mom follows her daughter to kindergarten and inflicts her germophobia on her daughter’s classmates.


“I’ve worked with Genesis for a variety of projects over the last 10 or 11 years. It seems like every project is better than the last. They’re the easiest folks you’d ever want to work with, and they hit the bullseye every time.”

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Invaluable partnerships and educational opportunities for local high school students accentuate the well-coordinated execution of this hilarious campaign.

Shot over a two-day period after extensive planning and casting, the shoots went off without a hitch (except for the realization that a little girl and a little boy don’t want to kiss on the cheek–no matter how much you’re paying them). It also pays to have great relationships! Because of our long-running relationship with Mungo Homes, we were able to produce “Home” in one of Mungo’s model homes (thanks, Kim!). Through our work partnership with Lexington School District 2, we were able to do principal videography for “School” in a classroom at Cayce Elementary and incorporate two Airport High School media students into the production–giving them valuable experience working on a professional production.

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